Have you ever saw a woman from behind, then you chase her to know her name? When you finally see her face, and snap! you said, “Ah, not that beautiful.” Then all of a sudden, you are discouraged to even say hi.

Well boys and girls, let me remind you that God created those face. It is a gift from God, if you have beautiful or handsome look. We should be grateful for having or seeing that.
I think it’s not our right to judge people from his/her face.
just my two cents,folks. πŸ™‚


No more running. Face it N!

Thank God

If you’re having a bad day,or worse maybe. Just stay positive. Inhale, exhale, make yourself calm.
At least you have someone to catch to,someone to share to, your mom, your dad, sister, brother, or a friend.
Always thankful,you know,for knowing that you’re not alone living this life.



at this time,

i’m begging You

to always keep his faith in You.

to guard him at every step he made and will make.

to give him strength to get through this situation very well.



I just want to be the best for him, at least for this time.

tiba-tiba hilang

kira-kira dimulai dari mana ya?
pagi ini, teptnya pukul 01:34 AM, gw yang lagi sakit ini, bukannya tidur, tapi malah browsing..

tadinya niat gw yaa cuma kangen aja sama semua itu. pikir gw, “udah lama juga ya, ga ngepost tulisan panjang di situs-situs gw.” gw bilang situs-situs (jamak) karena gw memang punya beberapa situs pribadi, yang kayaknya kurang keurus sih.. hehehe.

lalu, keisengan gw bikin gw buka situs pribadi teman-teman yang (gw anggep) paling deket sama gw sekarang ini. tapi perlahan gw nemuin kalau ternyata (mungkin) tidak begitu yang mereka rasakan terhadap gw..

yah, mungkin ini cuma kelabilan gw yang hari gini masih melek.

pertama, gw buka satu situs pribadi teman gw. gw temukan, dengan banyaknya dia bercerita tentang teman-temannya (bukan gw) di situs itu. banyak sekali. padahal, gw merasa, teman gw ini sepertinya merupakan teman bercerita rutin gw. oh, salah, gw adalah teman bercerita rutinnya. dari sini gw mulai merasa, “sepertinya nilai gw sebagai teman, masih lebih rendah daripada orang-orang itu.”

selanjutnya, dengan cukup sedih, gw buka situs pribadi teman gw lagi. kali ini orangnya (gw anggap) merupakan teman seperjuangan gw. setelah gw buka, bukan isinya yang membuat gw labil, tapi fakta bahwa akhir-akhir ini sepertinya sudah lama kita tidak berlaku seperti dulu.

yang ketiga, mungkin gw agak sedih ketika melihat teman gw yang lain, pada keadaan yang hampir sama seperti gw, diperlakukan lebih baik.

ah, gw semakin labil.

dan pemikiran-pemikiran lainnya yang tiba-tiba timbul dan membuat fakta itu semakin nyata kalau, teman-teman (yang gw anggep) dekat gw dimana ya sekarang? ya, ada. apa iya, mereka menganggap gw teman dekat mereka?

oh, mungkin gw yang memang belum pantas untuk dapet predikat itu (bestfriend) dari mereka. mungkin juga gw kurang memberikan hal-hal seperti layaknya seorang teman (baca: bestrfriend) kepada mereka. ah, mungkin karena jadwal kita yang banyak berbeda. hmmm, jangan-jangan gw yang membiarkan mereka berpikir kalau gw tidak perlu ditemani? atau mungkin gw yang terlalu egois untuk berpikir seperti ini.

pernah ga sih, suatu waktu, lo merasa tiba-tiba teman-teman lo menghilang?


yaa. ini yang mengganggu pikiran gw belakangan. sedang merasa sendiri.

Just another Mind Trash

I don’t know what to tell. I really don’t want to hate you. You force me to. Even I was/am forced to hate you, I really don’t want to. I already have too many words to complain about you. I’m sick of you till I don’t want to talk about any of it anymore.

Thank you for all that you’ve done to me. I’m not hating you. it’s just I can’t stand you.

Spread the kindness people. You’ll see your kindness gives people hope and happiness.


Dear Almighty God,

I pray to You so I can get through this internship very well. I’m glad recently, because they let me be a part of their department. They give me jobs. They answer my question about my curiosity. They give me chance to laugh together. They’re so open to me.

I pray to You so my internship circumstances always as well as right now, maybe even better. The office, yard, shop, warehouse, staffs, supervisors, foremans, and all paces/person who have relation to me ( in work ) and certainly my friends.

I pray to You so I can get so much useful knowledge. To make me wiser, more mature, improve my social skill, and become a person who knows and can be liable for what I have done, and what I should do.

I pray to You so You can protect and take care of my beloved family, you, your family, friends, ralatives, wherever they are. Keep them safe, give them health, show them Your good way.


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